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Justin Taylor + feeding Brian


george takei is a gift to humanity


Sorry we haven’t had time to do the ice bucket challenge… (x


Making of a whore / god.


Hiimdaisy P4 comic + SNK
The story is by him. I just drew the characters in the situation. 
Its better if you read it along with this (the p4 comic dub) 
I used “with nothing else” because i’ve never heard anybody say “plain tea”and…no, tea dosen’t work like that. 


Merlin Reincarnation AU: The Apocalypse First Holy Grail War

The year is 2050.  The reincarnation cycle is complete.  The world is a dark, pitiful hellhole, and out of desperation, the Holy Grail has been summoned back to humanity.  However, it is no longer a cup of life, but of wishes—if wielded, it may now grant anything the heart desires.  Happiness does not come without a price, though.  Seven sorcerers have been chosen.  Seven warriors have been raised from the dead.  An apocalyptic war has begun and all but one pair must be sacrificed to claim the Grail’s power.  All Merlin wants to do is keep Arthur forever at his side, and so does Arthur himself.  But deep down, he wants even more than just that.  What if, in just the blink of an eye, he could prevent the biggest mistake of his life to save an entire kingdom?